The George Washington University - Home Page

2000 Penn- GW’s very own mall at Pennsylvania Avenue.

ABP- Au Bon Pain, the French bakery/café in 2000 Penn.

ALADIN- Gelman Library’s computerized card catalog.

Big George- GW’s biggest basketball fan.

Blue book- A small booklet of paper with a blue cover for essay exams.  Available in the GW Bookstore.

By George!- The newspaper of the GW community produced by the Office of University Relations.

CADE- The Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education, located at 1900 F Street, room 114.  Provides students information and resources regarding making informed decisions about drug use and abuse.  Responsible for administering the Alcohol Policy, including overseeing the process of registration for student events which include the service of alcohol.

CBC- Community Building Community, a co-curricular program sponsored by the Office of Community Service.

CCAS- Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

CH- Community Host, student staff member who hosts and monitors the lobby of residence halls for CLLC.

The Cherry Tree- The GW yearbook.  To purchase one, contact them at (202) 994-8733.

CI- Colonial Inauguration, GW’s undergraduate orientation program.

CI Cabinet- Student staff chosen as orientation leaders for CI.

CIHQ- Colonial Inauguration Headquarters and the office can be contacted at (202) 994-GWCI for more information on Colonial Inauguration.

CLLC- The Community Living and Learning Center, located at 2223 H Street, NW, in Fulbright Hall.  Offices include: CLLC Service Desk; Housing Services and Occupancy Management; Residential Life and Education; Selection, Training, and Development;  Summer and Conference Housing; Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education; and Student Judicial Services.

The Code- Usually refers to the Code of Student Conduct, which includes the policies that undergraduates, graduate and professional students abide by when they decide to attend GW.

Colonials- Nickname for GW Division I intercollegiate athletic teams.

Colonials Weekend- Major campus event involving students, families of students, and alumni each Fall.  Typically combines Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, and Midnight Madness.

Columbian Square- The main seating area in J-Street (main eatery in the Marvin Center).

CRN- The five digit number that identifies a course used in web registration.

Debit Dollars- Funds students add to their GWorld card and use at GW partner restaurants and other DC establishments.

DOS- The Dean of Students Office, located at 2121 I Street, NW, Rice Hall 401.  Includes the following offices and service areas: Career Center; Community Living and Learning Center; Disability Support Services; Student Health Service; and University Counseling Center.

Do This!- A weekly calendar of events on the GWired student network and in the Monday edition of the GW Hatchet.

DSS- Disability Support Services, located at 800 21st Street #242.  Students with disability support needs should register with DSS as soon as they arrive on campus.

ELP- Emerging Leaders Program is for incoming freshman leaders who want to gain leadership opportunities at GW. 

EmeRG- Emergency Medical Response Group that provides emergency medical services to the GW Community.  Graduate and professional students should visit this site if they are interested in joining Emerg.

ESIA- Elliott School of International Affairs.

Fall Fest- An outdoor festival sponsored annually by Program Board.

Foggy Bottom- The neighborhood that includes the main campus of The George Washington University.  Appropriately named because many years ago this section of Washington, D.C. was swamp land.

"Gee Dub"- Common reference to The George Washington University.  Interchangeable with the term “Gee Double U.”

Gelman- The Gelman Library, located at 2130 H Street.  Includes resources such as Africana Research Center, China Documentation Center, I. Edward Kiev Judaica Collection, Media Resources, National Security Archive, Slavic, East European, Asian Reading Room, Special Collections, and University Archives.

GSEHD- Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

The Guide- The Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities includes: Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, University Policy on Equal Opportunity, Policy on Sexual Harassment, Student Grievance Procedures, Code of Student Conduct, Code of Academic Integrity, Privacy of Student Records, A Final Word about Security, and University Policies.

GWired Student Network- SASS webpage with news, features, GW events, and all student service departments’ web sites

GWopoly- GW’s official board game, which can be purchased at the GW Bookstore in the Marvin Center.

GWorld Card- Main source of identification for GW Students.  To obtain a GWorld Card you must come to the GWorld Card Office (Marvin Center, Room 501). It is recommended that students get a GWorld card so they can have access to the library and other campus facilities, but it is not mandatory for students to have one.  Any one can get a GWorld card, no matter if they are full time, part time, or a student that just takes one class.

GW Pride- Student organization that provides support to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgenedered, transsexual community and its allies. 

GW Solutions- Provides learning and consulting solutions to businesses, non profit organizations, and government agencies and includes programs such as Business Leadership, Engineering and Technology, and Information Security. 

Hampton Roads Center- One of several remote GW campuses located at 1 Old Oyster Point Road in Newport News, VA.  Includes programs such as Educational Leadership and Administration, Engineering Management, Higher Education Administration, Human Resource Development, and Knowledge Management Graduate Certificate.

The Hatchet- Student press at GW.  Distributed on Mondays and Thursdays on campus.

"Hell Well"- The Health and Wellness Center, located at 2301 G Street.  Completed in 2001, GW’s Health and Wellness Center features state of the art fitness and physical training equipment.  Entry is free to all full-time undergraduates, graduate, and professional students.  Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Hillel- Provides opportunities and events to GW’s Jewish students and is located at the Gewirz Center at 23rd and H Street.

Hippo- GW’s unofficial mascot.  Donated to the University by President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg.

Hippodrome- 5th floor of the Marvin Center, including bowling, billiards, Dine-A-Vision, cyber cafe, and arcade.

IAS- International Affair Society is a student organization that promotes a better understanding and general awareness of international affairs as they concern the students of the University.

IFC- Interfraternity Council, a representative body of men’s fraternities.

Inaugural Ball- Every four years, GW will host a ball honoring the inauguration of the nation’s president and vice-president.

ISO- International Services Office, located at 2029 K Street, 7th floor.

ISS- Information Systems and Services provides advanced technology to the GW Community which includes the Internet, email, telephone, and other services.

JStreet- Main dining venue on campus, located on the first floor of the Marvin Center, 800 21st Street.  Includes the following food venues: Starbucks, Burger King Expressway, Home Zone, Crepeaway, Salad Garden and Pan Geos Wraps, Ben Pizza & Pasta, Chick-fil-A Express, Taco Bell Express, Kaz Sushi Bistro, Subway, and The Noodle Bar.  Students wishing to purchase food in JSstreet may either use cash or purchase a meal plan by contacting the GWorld Office at (202) 994-1795.

Kogan Plaza- The outdoor plaza in the center of campus adjacent to Gelman Library.  Also know as the mid-campus quad.

LAW-  The Law School.

Lead Center- GW's office of student leadership development.  This is no longer called LEAD and is now part of the Student Activities Center (SAC). 

Lisner- Lisner Auditorium, located at 730 21st Street.  Chief venue for many shows, plays, and cultural events on campus.

Loudoun Campus- Located at 20101 Academic Way in Ashburn, VA.  Home to various graduate and professional school programs, such as Executive Leadership Doctoral Program, Higher Education Administration Doctoral Program, Executive Master of Business Administration, Executive Master of Science in Information Systems, Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Master’s of Transportation Safety Program, and other certificate programs and research. 

The Mall- Section between 4th and 14th Streets, and Jefferson Drive and Madison Drive which includes the Washington Monument, the Capital Building, the Lincoln Memorial, and various museums.  Walk three blocks south down 23rd street and turn left on Constitution Avenue.  The Mall is on the right, and provides a great space for sightseeing, picnics, or lounging about.

MCGB- Marvin Center Governing Board, a student organization that oversees Marvin Center policy and facilities use.

The Metro- Washington D.C.’s public transportation system, including above and underground rail and buses.  The Foggy Bottom Metro stop is located at the corner of 23rd and I Streets, NW.  The Metro can get you to most points of interest, including southern Maryland and Northern Virginia.

MGC- The Multicultural Greek Council is the governing body for cultural and service oriented Greek lettered fraternities and sororities.

Mid-campus quad- The large outdoor space/garden adjacent to Gelman Library.  Also known as Kogan Plaza.

Monumental Celebration- An annual ball for graduating seniors and their families, traditionally held during Grad Week at historic Union Station.

MSSC- Multicultural Student Services Center, located at 2127 G Street.

MVC- The George Washington University's Mt. Vernon Campus is  located at 2100 Foxhall Rd., NW.

Neighbors Project- A program that coordinates student volunteer service with 40 local community agencies.

NIH- National Institutes for Health Credit Union located at 2100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.  Provides banking services for GW students and staff.

NALFO- National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations.

NPHC- National Panhellenic Council is the governing body of historically black fraternities and sororities.

OCS- Office of Community Service located in Marvin Center 436.

Panhel- Panhellenic Association is the governing body of GW social sororities.

PB- Program Board.  Sponsors most major activities and events for students at the University.

PE- Project Exploration, a co-curricular program for helping new students adjust to the GW Community through a series of outdoor activities.

Provo- Provisions Market is the grocery store on the ground floor of the Marvin Center.

The Quad- GW’s grassy area located between the Law School and Corcoran Hall.

ResNet- Residential Networking provides Internet connectivity and cable in the residence halls.

RHA- Residence Hall Association is GW’s student governing board for the residence hall system.

Rice Hall- GW’s central administrative building containing Admissions, Registrar, Financial Assistance, the President’s office and more.  The building is located at 2121 I Street.

RSFS- Recreational Sports and Fitness Services offers a variety of programs and activities to the GW Community so that participants can have a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Office is located in the Lerner Health and Wellness Center, suite 217.

The SA- The Student Association is GW’s main student governing body.

SAC- The Student Activities Center is located at 800 21st Street, room 427.  SAC offers activities and involvement for all your co-curricular needs.

SASS- The Division of Student and Academic Support Services includes the following departments: Office of the Associate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Budgeting, Finance, and Personnel Administration; Office of the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students; Career Center; Community Living and Learning Center; Disability Support Services; Student Health Service; University Counseling Center; Office of the Associate Vice President and Dean of Freshmen; International Services Office; MVC Student Development Center; Parent Services; Office of the Assistant Vice President; Marvin Center; Multicultural Student Services Center; Student Activities Center; Undergraduate Admissions; Athletics and Recreation; SASS Communications and Technology; University Police Department; and Student Financial Assistance.

SASSCOMMTECH- Student and Academic Support Services Office of Communications and Technology.

SB- School of Business.  Formerly known as the School of Business and Public Management (SBPM).

SEAS- School of Engineering and Applied Science.

SJS- Student Judicial Services.  Office which adjudicates violations of the non-academic Code of Student Conduct.  Graduate students may apply for positions on the University Hearing Board by contacting SJS at (202) 994-6757.

SJT- Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, the 15th president of The George Washington University.  President Trachtenberg has open office hours with students, which may be scheduled through the Dean of Students Office, Rice Hall 401.

SMHS- School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Smith Center- Main athletic arena of many of GW’s sports teams, including site of home games for mens’ and womens’ basketball teams (free admission to all full-time students).  Also hosts other major events such as concerts and shows.  For information on tickets for events, call (202) 994-7411.  Email if you are interested in learning more about the Grad Hoops Package.

SNAP- Student Network Admissions Program, connecting current GW students with prospective GW students.

SPHHS- School of Public Health and Health Services.

SPPPA- School of Public Policy and Public Administration.

Spring Fling- An outdoor festival sponsored annually by the Program Board.

STAR- Student Admissions Representatives, GW’s campus tour guides.

TA- Teaching assistants are graduate students employed to teach courses.  For more information on TA opportunities, contact the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management at (202) 994-5984.

TDH- The Thurston Dining Hall, located in the basement of GW’s largest freshman residence hall- 1900 F Street, NW.  Not typically frequented by graduate students, but often spoke of among undergraduates. 

UCC- The University Counseling Center, located at 2033 K Street, room 330.

University Yard- GW’s grassy area located between the Law School and Corcoran Hall.  Also known as the Quad.

UPD- University Police Department, located at Woodhull House on the corner of 21st and G Streets, NW.

Welcome Week- A weeklong series of social, recreational, cultural, and artistic programs during the first week of fall semester.

Winter Welcome Week- A weeklong series of social, recreational, cultural, and artistic programs during the first week of spring semester.

WRGW- GW Student radio station.

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